This page has a number of live photos from around 1999. Although I took them, I can't remember the dates - or much else. What I do know is this: These gigs were done before Carnival of Souls was recorded, although at this time they were already playing a couple of the songs that made it to the album. The line up: Katharine Blake (vocals, recorder), Teresa Casella (bass), Ben Golomstock (guitars), Trevor Sharpe (drums), Mike Servent (keyboard), Barney Hollington (strings).

Notice a couple of shots where Katharine is sitting down. This is during the instrumental Escape From Kilburn. Katharine used to play violin on this piece in earlier line ups, but later on left it to Barney.

The top seven photos were taken at The Aquarium in Old Street, London. Fluffy played on the same night. The bottom seven photos... no idea!