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Miranda Sex Garden links:

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The socalled official Miranda Sex Garden biography released by SugarDaddy Records - for your amusement (this one did not do them any favours!)

Mute Records
Miranda Sex Garden's first record label, who released Madra, Iris, Suspiria and Fairytales of Slavery. Unfortunately MSG are no longer featured on the site, but Mute still release some of the most exciting music out there.

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Mediaeval Baebes links:

Mediaeval Baebes official Web Site

Mediaeval Baebes on MySpace

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The Mediaeval Baebes were formed in 1996 and consisted of a bunch of girls whom Katharine Blake liked to dress up with and sing on Hampstead Heath. They did a number of gigs around London and it wasn't long before they were noticed by Virgin, who ended up signing them. No doubt they saw potential in the "Mediaeval Spice Girls". After the two albums Salva Nos (no. 1 in the classical charts) and Worldes Blysse they were snapped up by BMG for the extravaganza that was Undrentide produced by John Cale from Velvet Underground (a union loved by some and loathed by others). Then it was back to more traditional territory with The Rose after switching to Nettwerk Records. Then came Mistletoe & Wine and in July 2005 the fan favourite Mirabilis. In 2005 the Baebes also contributed songs to the soundtrack of the BBC TV series The Virgin Queen, including the title track.

Several changes in line-up and a number of years later, the Baebes were ready for the release of their next album Illumination in 2008. It was preceded by the single Miracle, which was promoted with a great video that you should be able to find on YouTube. By that time Katharine was the only original member of the Mediaeval Baebes. More albums have followed and somehow Katharine has managed to maintain a consistency in the group's image and output, which will hopefully carry on for many years to come. Trevor Sharpe has appeared on a number of Mediaeval Baebes albums and the albums have featured many unusual instruments. DO NOT miss an opportunity to see the girls live, they are ace.

Katharine Blake links:

In 2006 Katharine produced the solo album A Universe Between Us from Nick Marsh (Flesh for Lulu) and also performed on it extensively, along with Mike Servant and Ben Golomstock (guitar on the track Some Velvet Morning). The album is a highly personal Sinatra-from-hell effort with some great lyrics and music.

In July 2007 Katharine released her first solo album Midnight Flower, not long before giving birth to her daughter Ava. Midnight Flower is a gorgeously sounding album, which leans more towards Mediaeval Baebes than Miranda Sex Garden. The album was co-written with Nick Marsh, who also performs on it along with Donna McKevitt, Trevor Sharpe and Mike Servant from Miranda Sex Garden. A must for any Miranda Sex Garden and/or Mediaeval Baebes fan.

As of 2014 Katharine is currently working with Nick on his second solo album and has completed the From the Deep debut album (see below)

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Nick Marsh: A Universe Between Us - buy now!    Katharine Blake, Midnight Flower - Buy Now

From the Deep links:

From the Deep is a collaboration between Katharine Blake and Nick Marsh, formerly known simply as The Katharine Blake and Nick Marsh Project. The debut album has been in the works for severeal years, but is as of summer 2014 fully completed and ready for release. I guarantee you that it has been worth waiting for, it is stunning!

One track (Where Blue Shadows Grow) from the debut album was released on the free GoMojo Sampler 1

From the Deep on GoMojo

From the Deep on Facebook

From the Deep official site (not active yet)

Ben Golomstock links:

In 1996 Ben started a band called The Naked Goat, which for some time featured Trevor Sharpe on drums and the mysterious Beat Girl on vocals. Naked Goat did haunting versions of old movie soundtracks and other cool and exotic material. Audrey Evans (one of the original Mediaeval Baebes) and Nick Marsh later joined the band. In spite of some legendary live performances and an attempt to record an album, the only available track recorded under the name The Naked Goat can be found on an increasingly rare compilation released by the Torture Garden club called "Torture Garden - Bizarre & Eccentric Music Compilation". The track is a cover of Caravan, which was later covered by Miranda Sex Garden on Carnival of Souls (there's quite a big difference between the two covers).

Ben is also a visual artist and directed the videos for Miranda Sex Garden's singles Play and Peep Show. He did band photography for the Mediaeval Baebes early on in their career and he also directed the video for the song Husband from all girl band Fluffy (they were good, you should check them out). Interestingly a later Fluffy video for their album title track Black Eye was directed by Floria Sigismondi, who would later direct the movie The Runaways about the band of the same name - a band that clearly inspired Fluffy. Ben has run a number of London based clubs, most notably Club Hell, which have all featured strong visual elements.

In 2006 Ben released an album under the name Stories From The Moon (also the name of the album). It featured collaborations with Katharine Blake and a number of other usual suspects from the MSG circle of artists. Highly experimental and very exciting, this album has a feel similar to Suspiria, but with a very diverse range of styles. Several of the tracks were actually recorded by Ben's other project The Naked Goat for the album that was never completed. Get a copy while they last!

Trevor Sharpe links:

Trevor was part of Minty from the early days and was later on a founding member of The Servant. You can find out more about both of these bands below. He is currently playing drums in the band Deadcuts

Minty links:

Minty on MySpace

Minty was a ground breaking performance/pop/rock/electro/art/fetish/weird/wonderful outfit, which revolved around the famous artist and designer Leigh Bowery. After his death in 1994 the band carried on with Leigh's wife Nicola as the front woman. On drums: Trevor Sharpe from Miranda Sex Garden. Minty split up after only a few gigs supporting their only full album Open Wide in 1997. Trevor and two other members went on to form The Servant (see below). Other bands, which were part of the same creative circle as Minty, known as The Offset, are still active. In 2006 Minty re-emerged with a line-up consisting only of Richard Torry, Matthew Glamorre and Nicola Bowery. They released the hilarious track It's a Game - Part 2, an upbeat version of their old track It's a Game featuring samples from the then latest series of Big Brother, mainly from contestants Nicky and Pete! Read an interesting article from The Observer about Leigh Bowery

The Servant links:

After Minty decided to call it a day in 1997, three of its members: Dan Black, Matt Fisher and Trevor Sharpe started a new band called The Servant together with Chris Burrows. Initially sounding like the more pop-oriented Minty material with a bit of Pulp (before Pulp started to help the aged) and a good portion of funk, the Servant played a number of very successful gigs and early on established themselves as a top live act. They recorded the EP Mathematics in 2000, which was well received by the critics and fans, but did not exactly set the charts on fire. This was followed up in 2001 by another EP With the Invisible, which disappeared into even deeper obscurity than the previous one. Then the band seemingly disappeared - from a UK perspective. Because in France they'd been having more luck and ended up achieving cult status. It was only when the band was commissioned to supply a track for the movie Sin City (an ace instrumental version of their track Cells) that the rest of the World started to catch up again. In spite of being featured on the trailer, the track didn't actually make it to the final cut of the movie or the original soundtrack. The original version is however available on the album The Servant from early 2004 and the instrumental version later appeared on the soundtrack for another movie, The Transporter 2. The band went into the studio again to record their next album How To Destroy a Relationship in August 2005 (released 2006). By this time their sound had become more mellow and dare we say mainstream. They played Glastonbury 2007 and a number of London gigs for the first time in ages. They looked set to take Manhattan and then Berlin. Then they broke up. Make sure you check out their videos on YouTube.

Jocelyn West links:

Jocelyn West was one of the original three members of Miranda Sex Garden. Her marriage brought her to the US and away from Miranda Sex Garden before the recording of Iris. In the States she teamed up with film director and musician David Lynch (yes - that David Lynch!) for a recording of material by Hildegard von Bingen. This resulted in the critically acclaimed and stunningly beautiful album Lux Vivens, where Jocelyn appeared under her married name as Jocelyn Montgomery. Jocelyn has since worked on several albums with the medieval music ensemble Sinfonye led by Stevie Wishart.

In 2008 Jocelyn started recording her first solo album Salt Bird, which was released in March 2009 and it is still available through GoMojo.

Information and video clips about Lux Vivens from lynchnet.com
Jocelyn West Salt Bird

Donna McKevitt links:

Donna McKevitt replaced Jocelyn West and stayed with Miranda Sex Garden through to the recording of Fairytales of Slavery and part of the touring that followed. During MSG's work on Derek Jarman's film Blue, Donna became deeply involved with the material and went on to create an extraordinary work of music set to Jarman's poetry. The song cycle Translucence was released in 1998, but had to be withdrawn almost immediately due to legal issues with Jarman's estate. It would be six years before the album was re-released. Donna appeared on two Dreadzone albums: Second Light (1995) and Biological Radio (1997). In 2007 she worked with Katharine Blake again on the album Midnight Flower.

Since 2010 Donna has released a number of singles as part of McKevitt & Noble, a joint project with Jan Noble (drummer with The Cesarians). These singles are poems by Jan set to music by Donna. She has also worked on film soundtracks.

Hepzibah Sessa links:

Hepzibah Sessa joined Miranda Sex Garden in 1993 and already left again in 1994. However the timing was such that she still managed to take part in the most active touring of the band's history. She also appeared on the Fairytales Of Slavery album and the first few performances that followed the release. However while on tour with Depeche Mode, whom MSG supported on their Devotional tour, Hepzibah had met Alan Wilder. It was obviously a lasting impression, because Hepzibah ended up marrying him and has contributed to most of the releases by Alan Wilder's project Recoil. She has also been very involved in promoting Recoil through their very cool Web site. No solo material has appeared.

Kelly McCusker links:

Kelly was one of the founding members of Miranda Sex Garden and part of the line-up on Madra, Iris and Suspiria. She left the band to continue down the classical music path, obtaining a Masters degree, and has since played with a number of small ensembles and large orchestras. Read a brief biography.

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