Forever Burning became the official Web site for Miranda Sex Garden in the summer of 1996, when the band was without a record deal (having left Mute Records in 1995) and many people were wondering what the heck had happened to them. It covered all the band's activities, including other projects: Minty, The Mediaeval Baebes and The Naked Goat until the end of 1998. Forever Burning mainly provided news and gig dates and there was also a printed newsletter for a short while. It was effectively the Miranda Sex Garden fan club. The content on the Web site came directly from the band and some interaction between the band and fans across the Internet was possible through questions and comments that were mailed to the site and relayed to the band. In the early days the site also provided a means for the band to clear out their stock of merchandise, which they had left over from their days with Mute!

As Miranda Sex Garden went to sleep, so did Forever Burning. However when SugarDaddy Records came into the picture for the recording and release of Carnival of Souls, yours truly was drafted in to revive the site, which was given the status of "official fan site". The new "official site" was done by SugarDaddy. This may not have been exactly what they wanted, but I refused to hand over my mailing list ;-). Anyway, it was really cool to know that MSG were recording again, so it did not take a lot of persuasion for me to bring Forever Burning back. The site remained closely connected to the band or rather to its members, because by then there were quite a number of projects going on outside MSG. Unfortunately in spite of some tracks that would appeal to the mainstream, Carnival of Souls remained a very anonymous album, mostly bough by existing fans. The band members were keen on their other projects and were happy to have just recorded another album as MSG and done a few gigs again. I do not think that they felt a great need to do more MSG stuff at that time. Consequently with other of the company's projects also in a limbo, it did not take long for SugarDaddy Records to collapse. Since then MSG have not recorded again. Eventually it seemed pointless to maintain Forever Burning and because of heavy work commitments I simply did not have the time. Once again the site went to sleep.

Finally in July 2005 I decided that it was a damn shame to leave Forever Burning in a such a state. The Mediaeval Baebes were doing well, The Servant was finally getting noticed. Basically things were happening and the server statistics showed that people were still viewing the Forever Burning pages. I thought that it would be nice to provide a more permanent home for "all things Miranda" as Forever Burning was always meant to be. The site has moved to a new server and you no longer have to put up with annoying frames full of adverts. The URL has changed as well to Here we are then in 2009 and new stuff is being released, gigs are being played, etc. Not by MSG, but by the people who defined MSG. Good enough for me!

For those who visited before, you will notice that the design of the site is almost the same as it has been since 2000. I have no plans of changing this - my time is still limited. However hopefully the lack of flash, streaming video, audio remix applets, coffee making facility and whatever else more modern sites provide today will not put you off. Enjoy...

Forever Burning is and always was designed and maintained by Casper Falkenberg a.k.a. Casper Nielsen.

Private band photos by Audrey Evans and Ben Golomstock.

Love always to Janice Issitt who provided the first contact to the band.

Thanks to Jeff Ng and Ashley Groves who had some very nice sites up before Forever Burning's time and for their support in those early days.

Kudos to Nigel of SugarDaddy Records for making Carnival of Souls possible and to Fiona and Sean - nice to meet you, hope you're well.

Finally cheers to Katharine, Audrey, Rachel, Ben and Trevor who have actively taken part in the Forever Burning project at various points in time and to everyone out there who has been using the site.

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